NativeEMF Low EMF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (infrared) with the receiver


This is a full-size low EMF Keyboard with a built-in trackball mouse. This is the perfect solution to dramatically reducing your EMF exposure from your computer or Laptop. This item will allow you to be up to 10 meters away from your computer or laptop and uses non-visible light (infrared) communication which is not harmful rather than RF-EMF communication.


• USB Infrared Receiver Included (Most infrared keyboards on eBay don't include the receiver)

• Infra-Red Transmission

• PC/TV USB Mac and Windows Compatible

• Functionality: Full 104 or 105 keyboards for Windows and Mac

• High resolution, contaminant resistant trackball

• Full-size key pitch (19.05 mm, 0.750 in.) with a quiet tactile feel

• Non-skid rubber feet

• Inverted T Cursor keypad

• Separate Insert and Delete keys

• ISO 9001 certified

• One year warranty

• Batteries Included

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Low EMF Infrared Wireless Keyboard