Product Review: Vicks V-9071 HEPA Air Purifier

With the popularity of bedroom air purifiers growing especially for allergy sufferers we decided to review ene of the most frequently purchased air purifiers. These items are typically used close to inhabitants of a given room and for a long time and thus potentially creating a Non-Native EMF’s.

Most Air purifiers utilise a motorised fan in order to inhale and exhale air, such fans can be prone to extremely high alternating current magnetic fields due to the fact that there is a rapid switching on and off of electromagnets to create the motion of the motor and fan.

We used three methods of evaluating the EMF nature of this products:

  • LAE measured in volts per metre

  • LAM measured in milligauss

  • HAE measured in microwaves per metre squared

  • SM measured in milligauss

DistanceLAEHAELAMSM 50cm20 v/mo.00 mw/m220mg0 mG100cm0 v/m﷐0.00 mw/m23.9mg0 mG200cm0 v/m0.00 mw/m20.3mg0 mG

All measurements were made with the air purifier set  on the medium setting.

Vicks Purifier Tesla Meter reading at 50sm (2.0ut/20mg)

Vicks purifier tesla meter reading at 100cm

As you can see from the data above all measured fields are relively low apart from the ACMF, These fields were higher than most household appliances even at a distance of 2m and therefore this products would be extremely disruptive to a native emf envornment.

Native EMF compliance rating:


Alternative replacement: HoMedics HEPA Professional Air Purifier (A review of this item will follow shortly).

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