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Product Review: Homedics Air Purifier AR-20

Product Review: Homedics Air Purifier AR-20 As promised in the last post here is a review for a potential alternative to the Vicks Air Purifier that had a NativeEMF safety rating of 3/10. Most Air purifiers utilise a motorised fan in order to inhale and exhale air, such fans can be prone to extremely high alternating current magnetic fields due to the fact that there is a rapid switching on and off of electromagnets to create the motion of the motor and thus the fan. We used three methods of evaluating the EMF fields of this products:

  • LEA electric fields measured using a Trifield Meter 100XE

  • LMA Alternating current/DC magnetic fields measured with a tesla meter

  • HEA with the ElectroSmog meter Cornet ED85EXS

  • SM fields measured with a gauss meter smartphone app

DistanceLEAACRFACMFSMF50cm0 v/m–       65 dBm0 uT0 mG100cm0 v/m﷐     65 dBm0 uT0 mG200cm0 v/m–       65 dBm0 uT0 mG LEA Measurement at 50cm (reading 0) LEA Measurement at 100cm (reading 0) LEA Measurement at 150cm (reading 0) The only detectable LEA field reading we could obtain was by touching the meter on the face of the product, then it read 0.13 micro tesla All measurements were made with the air purifier set  on the medium setting. Concerning ACRF (Alternating Current Radio Frequency) measurments for a conversion from DBm to mw/m2 see the below chart: –       5   dBm180mw/m2–       25 dBm1.8mw/m2–       10 dBm58mw/m2–       30 dBm0.58mw/m2–       15 dBm18mw/m2–       35 dBm0.18mw/m2–       20 dBm5.8mw/m2– 40 dBm0.06mw/m2

This item also comes with a wireless remote control however it uses infrared technology rather than high frequency/bluetooth communication and therefore only emits a field (Infrared light) while the button is pressed (i.e for a minimal amount of time)

As you can see from the data above all measured fields are non-detectable or much lower than the previously reviewed Vicks HEPA filter and thus this products serves as an excellent alternative concerning maintaining an Native-Like EMF environment Native EMF Safety rating: 9/10 Disclaimer: Native EMF do not currently receive any financial benefit from products listed on our blog and therefore there is no significance to the source of any purchased product by our readers. If you would like to see a review of a particular item leave a comment in the comments section of this blogpost. Follow us on facebook:

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