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Car Review- 2000 BMW 325i E46

Today we reviewed a BMW E46 2000 330i 5 door saloon. Due to the fact that this car let of almost no detectable L/M/H EA fields the LAM fields will be the focus of our testing and recording. These fields are typically higher in cars as cars do not have positive and negative cables running alongside each other as house wiring does (this causes the positive magnetic field to cancel the negative) however cars use the chassis as a negative/earth and only have wires for the positive connections. All measurements were taken with the engine run­­ning, car in neutral and headlights on, the unit of measurement is milligauss. AreaFootwellSeatHeadDrivers41.145Passenger12465120RR Passenger24166RL Passenger4104 These BMW fields are once again some of the highest recorded among road cars which is caused by the battery location being in the boot and the necessity of positive battery cables running through the passenger area from the engine bay electronics to the boot.

Most E46 cars however have a separate empty compartment in the engine bay where a battery can be relocated which is a modification that can radically reduce the LAM fields. Due to the large size of this models engine however, BMW did not include this space in this car. Therefore such a modification is almost impossible.

Average LDM: Native EMF car safety rating: 2/10 If you would like to see a review of a particular item please leave a comment in the comments section of this blogpost.

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