EMF Building Survey

Your house or place of work can often be a great source of electromagnetic fields, from your router or neighbor's router, the electrical circuit, heating boilers, lighting, dimmer switches, electric radiators, computers, and games consoles. Therefore to be sure that the EMF's in your house or workplace is as low as possible it is essential to measure these with EMF meters that correspond to the relevant frequencies.


EMF Building Survey Native EMF offers a building survey service for those who are not equipped to measure the Opto/electromagnetic fields in their house or commercial premises. This involves a technician coming to your premises, taking measurements regarding all the required frequency ranges, and supplying you will a full report. The report includes the areas of low and high exposure to non-native EMF and suggestions to decrease your EMF fields. Our technician also carries numerous EMF mitigation products with him which can be installed on the visit if requested by the customer. If you would like to book a building surveyor have any further questions, please contact us using the form below.

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