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We are frequently receiving messages from our customers asking for advice regarding low EMF accommodation and holidays.

Here at nativeEMF, we are beginning to build a portfolio of low EMF accommodation options. Therefore we are offering a starter promotion for the first few hospitality and accommodation companies inclusive of a free survey, results, and consultancy procedure of methods to reduce non-native EMFs in your premises. This will consist of a survey technician and an EMF consultant staying at your premises so as to conduct all the relevant tests. 


This survey will then be repeated on an annual basis so as to keep our rankings of your premises accurate.


Depending on the result of the survey and the implemented changes, your accommodation will be classified as either NativeEMF ‘Approved’ or ‘Ranked’. If classified as approved this means that we believe that your accommodation is extremely compliant on a low-emf basis and such will be listed on our website. If your accommodation does to reach approved ratings it will be classified as NativeEMF Ranked and given a NativeEMF compliance rating of between 0 and 10.


Survey and Consultancy Promotional Offer (First few premises)


- Free survey from an EMF technician (accommodation for survey provided by surveyed company)

- Free report of the conducted survey

- Free consultancy based on recommendations to increase EMF compliance

- Free follow up survey once changes have been implemented



NativeEMF Approved


- High Compliance with NativeEMF principles

- Listed on our website as being a NativeEMF premises

- Opportunity to take bookings through our website

- NativeEMF trademark compliance certificate to be displayed on your website and on your premises


NativeEMF Ranking


- 0 to 10 ranking of NativeEMF compliance

- NativeEMF trademark ranking certificate to be displayed on your website and on your premises

- The ranking listed on our website


If you would like to utilize this promotional offer please contact us through the website or at