The purpose of this blog is to help people create a personal Native-Like EMF environment.

native EMF, so as to distinguish ourselves from other EMF sales companies, we put an emphasis on transparency. Therefore we encourage visitors to our website to message us with any questions they have and recommendations for products they would like to see. Therefore we will be publishing the measurements that caused us to create the products that we sell. Furthermore, we want to encourage education regarding understanding the EMF spectrum, what is native or not, and how to mitigate such.


We are also desirous of being scientifically based, therefore any recommendations or products sold will be based on objective empirical measurements. 

Native EMF can be described as forms of Electro-Magnetic fields that are emitted from natural sources. A native EMF environment therefore can be considered as one replicating the EMF environmental specifics that one would be subjected to prior to the discovery of electricity in the 1800s and more specifically the Palaeolithic period. Non-Native EMF can be considered as that which is created by artificial sources.


We will be posting practical methods to reduce or eliminate not native forms of AC and DC electromagnetic fields that surround us in modern daily living. The range frequency of our focus will be from 0 hertz up to 30 EHz (The light spectrums).

Here at Native EMF, we believe that non-native forms of EMF are potentially harmful to human biology and neurology however it is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss or support this belief. Furthermore, we do not intentionally engage in political elements of EMF related policies. Rather the focus of this blog will be on aiding those who are currently concerned about the effects of non-native forms of EMF to limit exposure to such.


To do so we will be posting practical methods on limiting exposure to NN-EMF, reducing NN-EMF from everyday appliances, Increasing exposure to N-EMF. We will also be posting EMF Measurements and reviews of common everyday electrical items, accommodation rooms, and transportation environments.


We also encourage readers to leave comments and post their own ideas and experiences on creating a Native EMF environment.


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