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This section of native EMF is dedicated to concerns about 5g and methods to reduce a person's exposure to such.

5g has received a lot of media attention recently with some institutions advocating a link between the increase of 5g and Coronavirus Covid-19. Here at Native EMF our position is that 5g functions in a very similar way to 3 and 4g in the fact that it utilizes radio and microwave alternating current frequencies and an amplitude modulation medium of communication. The main factor whereby it can be perceived as a higher risk of increasing a non-native EMF environment in comparison to a previous mobile communication is the fact that the waves cannot travel as far. Therefore there will be a greater density of 5g emitters and masts thus increasing the surrounding population's exposure. Thus it is essential to know the prevalence and proximity of the 5g masts in your area.

Please use the below telecommunications provider links to find out what the exposure to 5g is like in your area:




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